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Music with Students' voices:

Karaoke music:

Don't Crush My Dreams from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.


(verse one)
Don't crush my dreams
They fall apart when I fill with seams
I want to be displayed
The original way that I was made
It may be cute when you wrinkle your nose
But it's not cute to be a portrait full of folds

Don't crush my dreams 4xs

(verse two)
I hope one day to hang in a gallery
But nobody frames Artwork full of stains
Your hands they smear me
Your fingers they smudge
Why come so near me
Don't you know I can't budge

What's a rip? What's a tear?
Do I matter to you when you need to get somewhere?

Don't crush my dreams 4xs

Keep me nice for always
Show respect in the hallways
And by every means
Do not crush my dreams

Don't crush my dreams
Don't crush my dreams

Look at where you’re going!Watch what you’re doing to me!