Sing-a-long to the I AM ART song originally recorded by Dryden 5th graders, 2010.

(Karaoke Version)


If I were a sculpture
I'd be carved of stone
sitting in a fountain
to pass on your way home

If I were a landscape
I'd have rolling hills
a little cottage nearby
and a field of daffodils

If I were a portrait
I would slightly turn aside
my eyes will always follow you
so you can never hide

I can play that part because I am art

If I were a still life
I'd be your favorite vase
filled with fresh blooms
to put a smile on your face

If I were a figure drawing
in an action pose
I'd be a ballerina
balancing on my toes

If I were digital
I'd have graphic designs
a mix of images
and words at the same time

I can play that part because I am art

If I were abstracted
would you recognize me?
I'd be a scramble of shapes and lines
a puzzle visually

Art can be so many things
choices for the taking
even this film is art
It's art that we're making.

and I can play that part
I can play that part 'cuz I am art

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