Let's layer images in Keynote


1. Use your silhouette from project one or download this one: bobby22silhouette.png

2. Open Keynote, chose a blank slide. If you see text boxes, choose the Masters tab and select blank. Download this image of Chicago: DSCF1762.jpg and size it to fill the entire slide.

3. Drag and drop the silhouette over the Chicago skyline image. The Bobby image should already has a transparent background. If not, use instant alpha to drag, click and delete the background.

4. Resize the Bobby image by clicking on the image to select, grabbing a handle, dragging it smaller or larger.

5. Rotate the Bobby image. Open the inspector and click on the ruler tab. Select the Bobby image, and spin the rotate wheel until the image looks horizontal.

6. Now you've made SUPER BOBBY! Want to give him the power of invisibility? Click on the image tab in the inspector, select the image and slide the opacity knob. Pretty cool, huh?

Next let's make Super Bobby Fly! Click here if you're ready .