Try making your own background, add text, and animate!

Click in the space below to see the animated version of this image.

1. Start by using your project 3 keynote file.
2. Click on the Chicago image and delete.
3. Click on the shapes tab on top, and chose a square.
4. Select the square. Open the inspector, choose graphic tab. Change the image fill to gradient fill.
5. Click on the default colors of white and grey and select what ever you would like the sky to be.
6. Resize and position the square to more than cover the slide.
7. Make a silhouetted cityscape from black shapes stacked near each other along the bottom of the slide. To make a black shape chose color fill in the graphic tab. You can copy and paste any shape, rotate them with ruler tab, stretch/shrink and resize anything with the handles once object is selected.
8. Select all the shapes that make up the cityscape (click above, drag down and across the cityscape, and let go) Or hold down shift and click each one. Chose "group" from the Arrange menu.
9. Click on the Text button at the top, change the size, color, and font to your liking and write anything you want.
10. Chose the shapes button and make some black lines that come from Super Bobby's feet. Group them. Now you should have a grouped image for the city, the lines, Super Bobby, the background, and the text. Let's animate!
11. Click on the Build tab in the inspector. Select the background, chose an effect, and set it for one second.
12. Do the same for each of the remaining objects.
13. Click on the "More Options" button at the bottom of the inspector to see the side drawer. This is where you can change the order, fine tune the pace, and set the animation to begin automatically or on a mouse click. Try changing everything to automatic after previous build. Preview the animation at anytime by using the play button in the top left corner of Keynote.

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