Let's try Animating Images to Simulate Video

(This trick is from The Art Room Anthem movie)

1. Open up a blank slide in keynote.
2. Download the sketchbook page file: sketchbook.png
3. Download the hand holding the pen file: hand.002-001.png
4. Size the sketchbook image to completely cover your slide.
5. Drop the hand image over the sketchbook image and place it near the top left corner of the sketchbook page.
6. Click on the text box button and type a message. Chose your font and size.
7. Place it in the top left corner under the tip of the pen.
8. Rotate the text to match the slope of the page: Select the text box (should have handles), open the inspector and choose the "ruler" tab. Use the rotate wheel to adjust the angle.
9. Bring the hand image to the front: select the hand, go to "Arrange" in the menu bar, choose "bring to front".
10. Animate the text: The typewriting effect simulates writing (sort of). Select the text. Chose the "Build" tab from the inspector (looks like a yellow diamond). Chose Build in (default). Choose the typewriter effect from the pull down menu.
11. Move the hand to with the writing: While still in the Build tab of the inspector, find the action button. Select the hand, set it to the first position for writing. Under effect choose "move". A red line with red diamonds on either ends shows up on your image. You can pull the red line to a see where a good ending point would be for moving the hand with the text. Try to match the timing of the movement with the timing of the text animation.
12. You can set the animations to happen automatically in the "drawer" of the inspector. Find this by clicking the "more options" button at the bottom. Chose the text and select "automatically after transition". Then, choose the hand and select "automatically with prior build". Now they should animate together.
13. For a finishing touch, add a shadow to the hand image so it looks like it is above the sketchbook.
14. Hit play and see if it works!

Ready for more? Use this same keynote file to try the next project.