Let's Try Adding Video

(This trick is from The Art Room Anthem movie)

1. Use the keynote slide you just created in project 5. Don't have it? No problem, download it here:
2. Download this movie file of a talking sketchbook: talking sketchbook.mp4
3. Drag the movie file onto the sketchbook page.
4. Use the tricks you learned to resize, rotate, and arrange the movie so that it looks like it fits on the page underneath the hand.
5. Let's blend the file better: select the movie file and choose the graphic tab in the inspector. Under "stroke" pull down to picture. Find the tiny little down arrow to see picture frame selections. Chose the one that has blurry edges. Slide the scale until you like the effect.
6. Select the "Build tab" and have the movie dissolve in. Open the drawer of more options and chose "automatically after build_".
7. Hit play and see if it works!

HInt: if you want to turn your Keynote slides into an quicktime movie that you can import into iMovie, you must choose self-playing not manual advance when prompted.