Working with Students (2)

2. Audio (or rehearsal)

Our Fugleflicks are usually music videos. We use the audio to guide the visual. So, students record their songs before we shoot the video. We rehearse until the students are very comfortable singing alone and/or in front of their peers. This usually takes 1/2 per day for one week. We use Garageband (on a Mac) to record the music. Fugleflicks are "original" songs. They are either invented on my guitar and enhanced with drum kits and various loops or they are taken straight from the jingles collection in the software. The lyrics are intended to be art-related, educational, and as entertaining as possible.
For Let's Be Green When it's time to Clean, students had both "live" audio (audio coupled with video) and pre-recorded video that they would lip-sync during video recording. This required a very clear script. Let's Be Green Script
I have found that giving the students access to the sound track and lyrics from their home computer helps them practice and build confidence so that they can quickly get to the point of recording with their peers. Here is an example of how I've posted this on my old website.
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Students rehearsing song, Swept Away. Behind the scenes for Let's Be Green When it's Time to Clean

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