Working with Students (4)

4. Editing and Promoting

The editing process is full of decision making but very time consuming.Trying to get a large group involved in every step can be difficult.
Since I have a projector/ interactive whiteboard set up in my room, I have them edit (using iMovie which they pick up right away) by touching
the whiteboard. This way they can all see and make important decisions together on things like:
  • Which was the best take from our footage (Students love bloopers, so mark the funny mistakes to save for the "making of..." video later)
  • What transitions to use
  • What and where to add titles
  • When to start and stop audio
When the rough edit is done, I work with one or two detailed and patient students who love computers to do the final edit.
external image page36-1014-full.jpg
Here is the Bloopers video for The Glue Blues. And a patient student learning how to edit Swept Away.

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Promoting your student video is a very important step. Upload the video to a hosting site like Vimeo, TeacherTube,, or Youtube (if your school doesn't block it).
Once you've uploaded it send out the link to your staff, parents, and families and embed in on your school webpage.
Try hosting a premiere at your school at an assembly, during an evening in the media center, or on the broadcast of the morning announcements.
Send it to your local cable station so they can air student made movies to the community to show off how their tax dollars are invested.
Enter it into a local festival or children's film festival like Chicago's International Children's Film Festival or The Shortie Awards.
View our Swept Away Premiere Invitation (included a door prize entry for Free DVD of the video).
Take a promo photo and make a flyer, have it printed on a T-shirt, make a poster, and post it on your website.
See if the papers are interested in knowing about the cool things happening in your classroom.