Steps for making movies with students: Share

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*Start with permission slips!!! and here is why...

  • You can get permission to post the movie online, send it to festivals, have it air on the local cable station
  • You can collect a parent e-mail so that you can easily contact the family when your movie goes live online, or wins a national contest (who knows!)
  • You can use them as a way to organize who gets to participate "First 10 signed permission slips by Wednesday...."
Here is an example

1. Storyboard

AFI Screen Education provides this wonderful guide:
Download this guide
The guide includes a glossary of common camera shots with illustrations.
This is a wonderful tool for helping students choose a variety of shots to better tell their stories.
and the guide includes this .
Print this and use a handout for your students to begin sketching camera shots in each box to help tell their story.
external image page36-1006-full.jpgexternal image page36-1013-full.jpg
My students used little note papers for each camera shot and organized them on one large butcher paper sheet to storyboard
SWEPT AWAY, a collaborative movie project.

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