this is our Fugleflick in progress project space.

(a song and video about positive and negative space)

(without vocals)

Positively Negative
There is always some confusion
with a figure ground illusion

Just when an object stands out
your mind begins to doubt

the object and the background
keep switching all around
It's not clear what to look for
your eyes are at war

In life it always seems like
it's one thing or another
Positive and negative
something, nothing together

positive and negative
each has its own place
background and foreground
an object with its blank space

We hope this clears confusion
of the figure ground illusion

simply there's no nothing
everything is something

no positive negative
everything has motive
they battle in your eyes
blurring truth and lies

p- I'm positive I'm something
n- I'm sure that I'm nothing

1-No, you're not nothing, you define the something

P-don't be negative, without you there is no me
N-you're positively right

I'm something and you're nothing
(oh that sounds mean but it's not)